Tennyson the Acupuncturist


SMASH stands for sardines, mackeral, anchovies, salmon and herring. These are all small fish that have low levels of mercury and high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s help reduce blood pressure, plaquing in arteries and inflammation. Today, in minute morsels we have canned sardines in olive oil. I simply opened the can (watch for spray!), drained the oil off in the sink (not the garbage and don’t spill it in the process cause it has a strongish aroma) Squeeze lots of fresh lemon on the fish flesh, toss to coat. I like to freshly grind dried thyme (in my handy dandy little spice grinder that I use all the time). Sprinkle ground thyme on the sardines. Add a dollop of mayo and mix like you would tuna salad. Now you have a sardine fish spread to enjoy with rice crackers. One serving has 17 grams of protein and 50 of your RDA of calcium. PS: rinse and take the can outside to recycle ASAP;-)