Tennyson the Acupuncturist

Like life, a can of beans is what you make of it!

Wanna have a whole, unrefined, protein rich lunch that tastes like you just sat down to a meal at a cafe somewhere in Italy?  

Open a can of cannellini, great northern or navy beans. Drain and rinse.  In a pan with olive oil, crush some cloves of garlic, chop sun dried tomatoes (the kind that come in oil oil=more flavor, less chewy), and chop up a Calabrian pepper or two if you’re daring.  Skip the hot peppers if you’re not a fan of spice.  Shake heavily dried oregano and basil.  If you have these fresh, even better. Saute the goodies on medium-low heat. Let the garlic caramelize so you don’t have dragon breath the rest of the day. Add the beans and stir to coat with all the delish flavors.  Add a lemon wedge when serving. 

Makes a great plant based meal and travels well for a picnic or work lunch.  If you aren’t trying to keep it totally plant based indulge with a sprinkle of grated parmesian.