Tennyson the Acupuncturist


Medicinal and culinary herbs are an opportunity to further support your food and lifestyle efforts.

The herbal medicine I offer is convenient, customizable and effective as well as fully tested for the highest standard of quality and safety.

(Please note, to focus on how to integrate herbs into your cooking, you can schedule a food as medicine consultation session.)

Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is an empirical medicine which means it also has 3000 years of medical data to track its effectiveness. Literally, thousands of years of clearly written clinical notes show how different herbs work as well as what kinds of clinical patterns are treated effectively with different herbal combinations.

Examples of a few of the many things herbal formulas treat

Poor sleep, fatigue, stress, menstrual problems, menopause, allergies, digestive disturbance, urinary problems, diarrhea, constipation, headache, cold, flu, anxiety, depression, poor circulation, low back pain, skin conditions and more.

Your herbal formula is a carefully blended combination of herbs specifically designed for your unique set of current needs based on your Chinese medicine diagnosis. Your formula can change as your clinical picture shifts and improves.

Granular formulas are convenient and easy to take by simply mixing into hot water. They are affordable and easily tolerated by most people.

I am licensed by the State of Florida as an Acupuncture Physician (AP4164) and Board certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to practice Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

I primarily prescribe custom granular formulas.  All the formulas I work with have “Certificates of Analysis (COA)’ that accompany every batch of individual herbs that go into your formula, to ensure they are of the purest quality and have proven safety. The prescriptions I write are compounded by the reputable Crane Herb Company and shipped directly to your door. Crane Herb Company strictly complies with the FDA cGMP standards, FDA Labeling Requirements, and HIPAA.