Tennyson the Acupuncturist


I believe educating yourself is the most empowering method to creating and maintaining wellness. I also believe in the shortest, most efficient route to getting results. I have found these resources to be very helpful.

General information about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture news

Recognition of acupuncture by Western Medicine

A look into the world of meditation

The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk
Great reading for the layperson for understanding acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

The Spark in the Machine by Daniel Keown
Great reading written by a Western medical doctor on understanding
how western medicine validates the theories of Chinese medicine, and how Chinese medicine explains what Western medicine can’t.

Meditation For Your Life by Robert Butera
Great reading for getting started with meditation. Offers six different styles of meditation based on your personality as well as how to start a new meditation practice and make other lifestyle adjustments. 

The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness by Terry Fralich
A very practical read that provides skills and insight into creating a mindfulness practice. This book also incorporates the neuroscience behind a practice.  Terry is my teacher.  I am immensely very grateful to him for the profound knowledge he imparted to me in an egoless manner. 

Buddhas Brain by Rick Hansen
Great reading on meditation from the perspective of neuroscience. 

Awakening the Luminous Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Great reading once you have some nuts and bolts on a basic meditation practice. The concepts here make your practice require even less work once you understand more deeply the profoundness of simple awareness. This approach keeps you from getting too “heady,” too much thinking. This read is perhaps my favorite though it made the most sense to me once I had been practicing meditation for a while. 

*Please Note: I recommend reading this book after Meditation For Your Life by Robert Butera

The Worry Free Mind by Carol Kershaw
Great reading offering practical tools to interrupt and rewire the habit of worrying.

What The Heck Should I Eat? by Mark Hymon
Intelligent medical based book on food.  The title speaks for itself.  A great, no nonsense, easy read. 

Metabolical by Robert Lustig

An honest account of how processed food is causing many avoidable, chronic diseases.  With a degree from MIT in nutrional biochemistry and forty years as a pediatric endocrinololist, Dr. Lustig explains what is happening in our bodies when we eat processed food. 


Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
This hefty volume is a detailed handbook on whole food and nutrition. The author emphasizes that there is no single diet appropriate for everyone.  

Helping Ourselves by Daverick Leggett
A simple guide using Chinese medical theory to help you learn how specific foods effect your particular constitution and current issues.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
Compelling reading offering credible information on nutrition and common disease patterns from a plant-based perspective.