Tennyson the Acupuncturist

Chavutti Thirumal

Chavutti Thirumal is a profoundly comprehensive therapeutic bodywork experience because it helps increase flexibility, unwind fascia, lengthen muscles and integrate the body as a whole. Because this style of massage uses long, deep strokes the muscles and fascia are treated as one continuous structure. Chavutti Thirumal simply means “massage by foot.”

Historically it was a traditional Indian massage style developed in Kerala by martial artists. It was used both to prepare athletes for a match as well as treat injuries.

This unique style of massage helps the body stay fit and flexible as well as cultivating a deep sense of connection to experiencing your body as a whole. It is helpful for people who do a lot of strenuous work as well as for folks who may be more sedentary and need to invigorate the body.

Chavutti is given on a cushioned, heated mat on the floor. Oil is used. The draping for this massage is adjusted in order to allow the full measure of each therapeutic stroke to be performed while maintaining a complete sense of security and privacy at all times.  

It is a real gem!

"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn