Tennyson the Acupuncturist

Meditation & Lifestyle

What is a meditation and mindfulness lifestyle session and why should I take the time to do this?

An ancient Chinese saying that still holds true today says: “Meditation is the highest medicine, then food, then herbs, then acupuncture and bodywork.”

Meditation and mindfulness lifestyle sessions are about developing new skills, finding your areas of self sabotage and supporting you toward your optimal self. We keep this process free of the clutter of judgment. Your starting point is wherever it is and we simply go from there.

You can schedule one of these sessions as a new client to set the tone of any further therapeutic treatments of acupuncture, massage or herbs. As an established client, these sessions can also be periodically scheduled to anchor your own ongoing efforts with support and clarity. 

Meditation and mindfulness lifestyle sessions are designed to give you specific, practical tools to use in your everyday life. Potential content of sessions—learn meditation styles that suit your type, therapeutic breathing techniques, pre-sleep exercises to quiet your mind and methods for rewiring problematic thinking habits.

A mindfulness lifestyle is often a matter of less, not more. Each of us has within us everything we need to be whatever version of ourselves we want. It is usually just a process of excavating so that the authentic, healthy, peaceful, uncluttered version of ourselves can shine.

"Create your future from your future, not from your past." - Werner Erhard