Tennyson the Acupuncturist

Shoulder pain alleviated by electro-acupuncture

This very active builder/carpenter by week, baseball player by weekend, had an episode of acute shoulder pain. He has had occasional pain in this shoulder in the past due to an old motorcycle accident. The accident caused a separation of the collarbone from the shoulder blade. Generally, this old injury does not cause him pain nor does it tend to limit his range of motion. He did report it can be difficult to sleep on that side sometimes. The pain before treatment was a nagging 4/10. It would increase with lifting anything heavy away from his body. He does a circuit workout with weights and was finding some of his usual arm exercises were difficult due to pain and a weak feeling in that shoulder. We did an electro-acupuncture treatment using common shoulder points and moderately-strong stimulation for 20 minutes. He dozed off for the last 5 minutes of the treatment. He reported his shoulder and arm felt heavy with a “good kind of sore” after the treatment. The next day, it was still a little heavy and sore but not the same sensation of pain as before the treatment. By day two, after the treatment, he reported that the original pain was nearly gone. By day 3, after the treatment, the original pain was completely gone and he was able to resume his normal circuit workout with full weights. Electro-acupuncture can be profoundly effective for soft tissue pain. This type of treatment can also be done on the hip, lower/middle/upper back, the neck, the knee and the ankle.

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